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Nearly Three Decades Of Experience

For nearly 30 years, we have helped people handle their legal problems throughout the Phoenix, Arizona, area. Clients come to see us for our abilities in resolving family disputes, but also for help with personal injury and guardianship issues. Whatever the circumstances, you can come see us for help in resolving those problems.

We are attorneys Amy Duenas and Dorian Eden. We help our clients most by focusing on solutions to our clients' problems in life. To do that, we provide clients with a superior personalized legal experience in a wide variety of family matters, including divorce, marital agreements, maintenance and more.

Personalized representation means we take the time to get to know you. By listening to your story, we learn the facts of your case and your goals.

We use that information as lawyers to advise you strategically, helping you understand your legal options and then choosing from those options intelligently. You can count on us to provide you with the candid guidance you need in order make your choices.

You Can Rely On Us For Help

Providing you with personalized representation also means communicating with you. We make a point out of keeping you informed as to the status of your case.

You will rest easier knowing you are depending on us as your advisers. Our years as lawyers provides us with the seasoned legal judgment you need when dealing with family dynamics and other tough situations.

Learn More About How we Can Help You

Schedule your initial consultation with us by calling 480-285-1735. You can also contact us by email to make your appointment.